NSE’s Latest Update: Bank Nifty and Midcap Nifty F&O Contracts – Expiry Schedule Adjustments


NSE’s New Expiry Schedule: Bank Nifty F&O Contracts on Wednesdays, Midcap Nifty F&O Contracts on Mondays

In a recent announcement, the National Stock Exchange (NSE) revealed a revised expiry schedule for Bank Nifty Futures & Options (F&O) contracts and Midcap Nifty F&O contracts. Starting from September, Bank Nifty contracts will expire on Wednesdays, while Midcap Nifty contracts will expire on Mondays, effective from late August.

Beginning September 4, 2023, all existing weekly Bank Nifty contracts with Thursday expiry will be shifted to Wednesdays, starting from September 1, 2023. The first Wednesday weekly expiry will occur on September 6, 2023, as confirmed by NSE. It’s important to note that there is no change in the expiry day for monthly contracts, which will continue to be on Thursdays. If Wednesday is a trading holiday, then the expiry day is the previous trading day. This adjustment ensures a smooth transition and consistent trading cycles for Bank Nifty contracts, which will maintain their 4 weekly expiration contracts (excluding monthly contracts), 3 monthly expiration contracts, and 3 quarterly expiries (March, June, Sept & Dec cycle).

Regarding Midcap Nifty, both weekly and monthly contracts will expire on Mondays. In case Monday is a trading holiday, the expiry day will be shifted to the previous trading day.

To implement this change, NSE will revise/prepone the expiry and maturity dates for all existing futures and options contracts at the end of August 16, 2023.  The first Monday expiry for Midcap Nifty contracts will take place on August 21, 2023. However, the expiry cycle for August 16, 2023, will remain unchanged and continue to be on Wednesdays.

It’s worth mentioning that NSE reversed its decision to shift the expiry day for Nifty Bank F&O contracts to Fridays, following a request from rival exchange BSE. BSE requested NSE to consider an alternative day for Nifty Bank expiry in order to maintain a balanced market development.

These adjustments in the expiry schedule aim to streamline trading activities and ensure a more efficient and consistent trading experience for market participants in Bank Nifty and Midcap Nifty F&O contracts.

With these changes to the expiry date, market participants in Bank Nifty and Midcap Nifty F&O contracts should experience trading more effectively and consistently.


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